ZBrush Jewelry Workshop

Jewelry design is a fine art that has exploded with the advent of digital sculpting and 3D printing. On this platform, world-renowned jewelry designer Tomas Wittelsbach will teach you his complete production workflow, giving you all the techniques you'll need to create your very own reproducible high-end jewelry.


I am Tomas Wittelsbach

and I am here to get ZBrush into your jewelry design and production pipelines.

This is the home base for my new teaching platform.  Get your All Access Pass to watch every video on the platform, join our community, and get access to download collections of objects I've designed to give you a head start.

There are currently 180+ videos available for members.  We have many more videos currently in production and they will be released as they are completed.

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One Membership to Rule Them All

We don't charge per lesson, per subject, or per project...we just charge once and give you everything.  This includes our entire library of videos and all videos we release on ZBJW in the future.  Currently this includes:

  • Start Here: a playlist of videos which show you how to install and configure ZBrush
  • ZBrush Jewelry Workshop: Step by step tutorials, arranged as projects, to teach you how to bring your designs to life and create anything you can imagine
  • Mastering the fundamentals: A playlist of videos which show you ZBrush's fundamental features, brushes, and artistic inspiration
  • Rendering and Imaging: A playlist of videos which teach the use of Rendering tools like ZBrush's BPR and Keyshot
  • Our Learning Community: A forum area for students to ask questions, share their work, request new videos, and have a chat
  • Student Resources and Downloads: Collections of files made by Tomas to jump start your designs
  • Extras: Elevated privledges in our Discord server, access to our live critique and Q&A sessions, and benefits from our industry partners like Rio Grande.

Import, Alter, and Iterate

Give new life to your old CAD models by quickly updating your designs with powerful modeling tools.

Expanded Design Possibilities

Bring the artist's touch back into your production pipeline with organic modeling.

Cutting Edge Workflows

Seamlessly incorporate scanned data and effortless pathways to printing. 

Examples of student/member work

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