Meet Tomas Wittelsbach

I worked as a sculptor in the film industry for a long while and then jumped into the Digital Sculpting world when my friend David Krentz showed me Zbrush......... And my life changed.  I have been using Zbrush for over 12 years for sculpting objects of jewelry and art for print.

It's been an amazing journey being on the bleeding edge of the printing world for jewelry.


Check out some of my links below to see what I'm working on or catch a live stream.


See what Tomas is up to and what he's working on.


Tomas hosts streams where he takes audience questions, critiques work, and hangs out.


This is a great way to see some of Tomas' past and present projects.  You'll see works in progress, renderings, and completed pieces.


Check out Tomas on YouTube to see some real world projects come to life.


Join the discord to chat live with Tomas and other students.  It's another great place to ask questions.


Want to see what random thoughts go through Tomas' head?  Check his twitter.


Facebook might be the devil, but Tomas has one anyway!  Check it out.


Check out Tomas on Linkedin to see some of his experiences.